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IT-Services EoL

GKC & Partner is the active connecting link between the companies and remarketing partners in order to ensure the secure and targeted marketing/disposal of electronic devices and data carrier deletion at the end of the commercial usage of second-hand IT devices.


Certified high standards for the process reliability and order data processing of personal data (e.g. during data carrier destruction) by our remarketing and waste disposal service providers (QM ISO, BDSG [German Data Protection Act], AbfG [German Waste Disposal Act]) will reliably protect you from the loss of sensitive company data.


Our portfolio includes the following product groups:


  • broadcast
  • desktops
  • displays
  • hard drives
  • cell phones
  • cash register systems
  • laptops
  • medical devices & equipment
  • printers
  • computer centres
  • servers
  • storage devices
  • tablets
  • telephones
  • telephone systems
  • TV


Worldwide logistics & dismantling, packaging on-site and warehousing


Data carrier destruction (also on-site) – data deletion by means of deletion software

Documentation – audits/deletion report/waste disposal documentation


GKC & Partner – Security for Your Company